Lawn, Garden, & Irrigation Maintenance

2Vs Landscape & Irrigation takes pride in the high quality of work we provide.

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Our lawn and garden crews service Breckenridge, Frisco, Copper, Silverthorne, Dillon, and Keystone. Our detail oriented crew will get you a summer mainteance schedule that fits your yard and your budget. You can sign up for our services electronically on our website, or just call the office. Just click on the PDF tab at the top of the website or feel free to fax us a copy of the Maintenance Letter.

Services Include:

  • Spring clean up of the yard to remove dead grass, leaves and branches.
  • Replacing cobble, and fixing snow plow damage.
  • Starting up the irrigation system.
  • Cutting back any perennials from last season to prepare for new growth.
  • Planting new flowers, trees & shrubs.
  • Organic fertilizing of garden beds, lawn areas, and deep root feeding of trees and shrubs.
  • Weeding of the garden beds and cobble areas.
  • Mowing, and trimming of lawn and native grass areas
  • Lawn Aerating.
  • Tree and slash removal.
  • Mulch refreshing of shrub and flower beds.
  • Pruning of shrubs & trees.
  • Herbicide application.
  • Winterizing of irrigation system

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  •  Maintenance service sign up sheet is available upon request*IMG_1126 IMG_1106 20150707_082815 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA