Irrigation Design, Installation, and Service

2 Vs has full time team of irrigation experts. We are here to help you throughout the season to get your irrigation system started up in a timely manner, keep it running efficiently during the summer, and winterize it before expensive freeze damage can happen. Please contact the office with questions or to set up an appointment with one of our irrigation technicians.

  • Spring start-up
  • BACKFLOW Certified
  • Professional troubleshooting
  • Full service repairs
  • Mid-season check to ensure proper watering
  • Irrigation system design
  • Irrigation system installation using genuine Rainbird parts
    • Winterization using our own compressor so we can accommodate your scheduleKleysteuber Website (3)

Our installation team has a vibratory plow (a.k.a. pipe puller) that can lay pipe in an existing lawn without trenching. This allows minimal disturbance to your lawn during the installation process.

Salazar After Overhaul (18)Salazar After Overhaul (19)

Water Features and Indoor Creations


Salazar After Overhaul (18)